How I Paid Off $10,000 of Credit Card Debt in 6 Months

I PAID OFF $10,000 IN CREDIT CARD DEBT IN SIX MONTHS GJFREKJGHRJFEGK I’m too excited WOW. Here’s a very detailed video of my debt payoff process!! #personalfinance #debtpayoff #creditcarddebt

0:00 – intro
2:01 – how I got into 10k of credit card debt
5:30 – get serious and commit to a debt payoff plan
6:30 – balance transfers
7:23 – track your income and expenses & create a budget
7:59 – pay more than minimum payments (debt snowball vs debt avalanche)
9:04 – find extra money to use toward debt (cut your spending and/or make more money!)
11:18 – I have definitely increased my income (+ my estimated total income for 2019)
12:50 – what percentage of my income goes toward debt?
14:35 – how much did I pay each month?
16:40 – my debt payoff hype song lmfao
17:36 – how do you resist lifestyle inflation / spending more as you earn more?
18:43 – how do you stay motivated during debt payoff?
19:57 – what was the most helpful way to think about the process of paying off debt?
20:33 – are you saving while paying off debt?
21:13 – what’s next? Pay off my student loans! + my current total loan balance
22:49 – how has your credit score changed?
23:24 – did you still use credit cards while paying them down?
24:46 – what do you recommend for young people regarding credit cards and student loans?

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