$5 Billion In Student Loans May Be Wiped Out Because Lender “Lost” Paperwork

The New York Times reports that five billion dollars in student loans may be wiped out for  thousands of borrowers in the U. S. because the lender didn’t keep track of the paperwork verifying ownership of the loans.  The National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts – the lender at the center of this legal dispute – holds 800,000 private loans. […]

Americans Owe More Than One Trillion Dollars in Credit Card Debt

In 2008, Keynesian economics, financial wizardry and “creative” accounting led the whole world blindfolded into the greatest economic meltdown since the Great Depression. Why did the economists, bankers, finance experts, and academics fail to predict what was about to unfold? If they relied on their economic theories, and those theories did not help them to […]